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kasaala_water_project_ceremony_0035Kasaala is a village about 80 km north of Kampala, Uganda on the road to Gulu and South Sudan. This water project services just under 4000 people in the village and the institutions based there.  It has two main water stations in Kasaala Kappa and Kasaala proper, with individual outlets at persons’ homes and institutions.  The idea is to get water from the individual bore hole, pump it up to tanks, and distribute it with gravity.

watertankcloseupKasaala is a water project based on community ownership.  The Kasaala Community Water User’s Group is a grass roots organization that has its own Management Committee to maintain and operate the water distribution system.  It is based on the concept that it is the grassroots in the developing world that have to be organized to help themselves.  Furthermore, the people managing the service are from the community and have a sense of duty to their fellow citizens, so they will do their best to ensure the project is managed effectively and to the best of their ability.  With coaching and guidance, the management committee develops a sense of accountability and transparency to their community.  They also, learn through an experiential model, how to be better public administrators of a community resource.

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